Is your child struggling with worry?  Does your child have big emotional reactions?  Are you concerned your child feels lonely and insecure? 

If so, working with Jenna can help.  Jenna works with children and teens and is focused on helping them establish their understanding, recognition and acceptance of their unique emotions.  We are not taught how to have emotional literacy.  Unlike reading and math that builds skills off concepts that always stay the same, emotional literacy is different.  The letter A and the number 4 never change but our emotions do.  Knowing how to handle our changing emotions supports our ability to be more resilient and regulated. 

Jenna works with children and teens to increase their emotional vocabulary as well as their awareness of how to support themselves emotionally.  She assists them in their ability to “read” their emotions, make sense of their emotions and then problem solve.  Jenna also works closely with families to help build better connection and communication within the family dynamic. Parent Consults are an essential part of helping build better communication within the family.

Reach out to Jenna today to schedule a consultation.  Bring harmony back into your home!

Children/Teen Therapy