Jenna Laski
Jenna has worked as a psychotherapist since 2008. She is passionate about supporting her clients with the understanding of themselves and how best to connect with their ultimate desire. Ms. Laski believes deeply in the transformative work she does along side her clients. Jenna helps her clients understand how to optimize their thoughts and connections to support a deeper relationship with themselves as well as others.


Life can offer many transitions.  Jenna’s focus is to support her clients to discover deeper meaning and clarity for themselves and their lives.

Do you spin with doubt and worry? 

Are you feeling disconnected from life and meaningful experiences?  

Do you constantly struggle to feel joy and calm? 

Are you feeling disconnected from the person you love?

Do you feel misunderstood by your partner? 

Does it feel like things get harder the more you try to explain? 

Is your child struggling with worry?  

Does your child have big emotional reactions? 

Are you concerned your child feels lonely and insecure?